The Long Walk at Windsor Castle

Discover Windsor Great Park and The Long Walk

As if Windsor Castle couldn’t appear any grander as a structure alone, the addition of a 2.6-mile, chestnut tree-lined walkway leading from the castle gates up to the entrance is an experience worth adding to the itinerary list on any visit to Windsor.

Part of Windsor Great Park, The Long Walk’s stellar vantage point looking towards the castle and its surrounds can be enjoyed alongside the horticultural display at The Savill Garden and spectacular lakeside views of Victoria Water, making for a fantastic day out with the family or as a couple when visiting our hotel.

The Long Walk

Perhaps the most eye-catching image of Windsor Castle involves looking down the straight avenue towards the stately castle in the distance. Dating back to William the Conqueror’s early vision for the castle and its grounds, William IV officially opened the Great Park to the public many centuries ago, while the Long Walk was introduced in 1680.

A popular walk for locals and visitors alike, the Long Walk rewards return visits to witness the changing of the seasons; dramatic snow scenes, bronze-hued trees, springtime flowers and hazy summer days evoke a different experience on return trips.

Roaming freely around the enclosure are hundreds of Red Deer, with the area once known as a Norman hunting forest, who are so used to being around visitors that will regularly pose for photos! While it won’t move around as freely, you’ll also want to capture the famous Copper Horse depicting King George III which guards the start of the walk.

Windsor Great Park

The Savill Garden

When looking for peace and quiet on a visit to Windsor Great Park and the castle grounds, The Savill Garden is a tranquil creation which has been open to visitors since the 1930s and its initial concept as a woodland garden by its namesake Sir Eric Savill.

Post-Second World War, many others have invested in the gardens, each applying their own knowledge and creativity to the extent that the gardens can now be observed as a rare collection of various plant groups that can be appreciated by allcomers.

Spanning 35 acres in total, a series of interconnected gardens showcase the best of each season, much like the Long Walk. From Spring Wood, Summer Gardens and The Glades to Autumn Wood and the Winter Beds, each scene includes fresh displays to discover.

The Savill Garden, Windsor

Virginia Water

Similarly enjoyed all year round by visitors far and wide, Virginia Water was originally designed to be a playground for royals either residing in or attending the castle.

Relaxing strolls around the lake see you journey through centuries of history in an area that largely remains in its original state, with waterfalls and ancient monuments to be found along a peaceful walk.

With its shoreline dominated by trees, there’s always a wealth of wildlife on view in the area, while it’s also a popular dog walking spot, so feel free to bring your four-legged friend to our dog-friendly hotel and take them on some fantastic walks.     

Virginia Water Park, Windsor

The Valley Gardens

Further enchanting woodland and nature await on the northern fringes of Virginia Water.

The Valley Gardens is a 250-acre vision of greenery and exotic plants, with winding trails through expansive collections of magnolias, rhododendrons, azaleas and birch trees appealing to all senses as the sweet aroma of blooming vegetation fills the air.

As with all attractions in Windsor Great Park, be sure to visit the seasonal highlights section of the website so that you can choose the preferred time of year for your visit to this ever-changing landscape.   

Valley Gardens, Windsor

Our Hotel Near Windsor Great Park

Macdonald Windsor Hotel is a stylish townhouse situated in the heart of the historic town of Windsor. Despite its central location, the hotel offers a peaceful retreat, just a short stroll from the stunning walks and parkland of Windsor Great Park.

The hotel itself is a symbol of modern sophistication, perfectly blending with Windsor's rich history. Its prime location provides easy access to Windsor's famous attractions, including the iconic Windsor Castle, making it an excellent base for exploring the town.

Whether you're delving into the local culture, relaxing in our luxurious rooms, or simply savouring the stunning views of Windsor, our Windsor hotel is the perfect place to enjoy your trip.

Windsor Changing of the Guard