Slate Mine, Wales

Corris Mine Explorers

Plas Talgarth

Whilst the picturesque natural landscape above ground is endless and easy to appreciate, there’s a world below that deserves to be explored and forms part of the area’s unique heritage – slate mining. 

Why You Should Visit

Corris Mine Explorers will take you several levels down the Braich Goch Slate Mine, whose heyday during the mid-19th century was typical of the area which thrived as a source of high-quality Welsh slate, shipped all over the world. By the 1970s, the industry had declined and the mine closed, but the slate mining areas of Gwynedd have recently been recognised by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

This award-winning experience is an authentic journey into the past, as you enter the dark, damp mine workings and follow the entry way that was hand dug in the 1830s by Victorian miners. As you venture deep into the mountain, your knowledgeable guide will add commentary and describe items you’ll see along the way – all part of getting a real feel of life down the mines. 

Plan Your Trip

The hour-long Pathfinder expedition is great for families (minimum age of 8 years old) whereas the Adventurer trip is a grittier, three-hour journey deeper into the mine involving some climbing and scrambling. You’ll be kitted out with all the essentials for both and accompanied by an experienced and informative guide.

There’s more essential information to help you plan your visit - including what to bring, and what to wear - on the Corris Mine Explorers website.