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Macdonald Compleat Angler

AA Rating: 4 Stars

Marlow Bridge, Marlow, Buckinghamshire, SL7 1RG
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Tel: 0344 879 9128 International: +44 1628 484444

At Macdonald Compleat Angler, Marlow, we're delighted to work with Team Activity Group, a locally based team building company.  Team Activity Group specialise in corporate team building and charity fundraising events, where each event is tailored specifically for the clients specifications. This dedication makes our hotel perfect for your next team building event in Marlow.

Take a look at some of their great workshop ideas below.


Dragon boating is not only an exhilarating and enjoyable sport but also an excellent exercise in teambuilding. It is essential for dragon boat teams to work together; making use of each member’s individual strengths in order to ensure that their team delivers the best possible performance. Teams will paddle what looks like an oversized canoe with an ornately carved dragons head at the front and a tail at the rear. A drum positioned at the front with a drummer furiously banging the drum to keep the rest of the crew in time. A helms person (provided by TAG) steers the boat from the rear and helps to co-ordinate the team’s efforts so that they are all paddling at the same speed.

The Scavenger Challenge is a fun-filled and challenging game that lets your guests get to know each other, think creatively and work as a team. Step out from the Compleat Angler and explore the riverside town of Marlow. Teams of up to six people are challenged to reach certain goals by performing various missions. The teams compete against each other on various different tasks; they must take pictures, find objects, answer questions, complete different cryptic challenges and ultimately beat the other teams by prioritising between missions and earning points. This activity incorporates the best parts of a treasure / scavenger hunt activity and any number of teams can take part.

The cube is a great activity that can be held indoors or outdoors and the actual activities which make up The cube can be tailored to meet your specific objectives. Your guests will be welcomed and introduced to ‘The cube’, which can be branded with logos or images. Guests will be divided into teams; each team will be set a series of exciting and challenging activities in which they can earn one of the smaller cubes. Some are fast and furious, some are logical, some are guessing more accurately than the other teams, some are relatively easy to achieve, some are harder than others, some will require only one or two team members, some will require the whole team and all are lots of fun... The activity is fundamentally collaborative as all the teams work towards rebuilding the cube at the activities conclusion.

Archery - Robin Hood, eat your heart out! Over many years our team of qualified instructors has developed a simplified coaching method which allows all participants to learn quickly, and shoot more consistently and accurately than you would have ever thought possible in such a short space of time! Our archery team will give you the best tuition possible in this popular and well established sport. Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting - If you’re looking for something exciting which will bring out the hunter in you, this is the activity for you. Laser clay pigeon shooting, is played with authentic but deactivated 12-bore shotguns that have been fitted with harmless laser equipment. Our team of experienced instructors will brief the participants on how to handle the gun, and will be on hand to give tuition and guidance throughout. The equipment generates the shotgun “bang” and when a player hits the target the sound effects of a clay shattering can be heard. Indicators on the gun instantly tell the player whether they have hit the target and the scores for all competitors are displayed on an electronic scoreboard.

Our classic masterpiece event recreating a Picasso image works well for groups of up to 42 guests. For larger groups we can create a custom made piece of art or add this activity as a stand-alone event in rotation with other activities. Your teams will become amateur artists in this creative based artistic challenge. Although many team building activities focus on team vs. team, masterpiece ensures teams are working together to achieve a common goal. Although initially working as separate teams, everyone soon realises that the real challenge is to work closely with the other teams to ensure they effectively re-create a Picasso masterpiece. Once the painting stage is complete all the teams then come together and with co-operation, team work and of course communication, as the vibrant individual pieces are brought together to create the ‘masterpiece’. The larger painting is mounted to create a ‘take away’ memento of the exercise, which when displayed back at the office acts as a daily reminder of each individuals’ potential for creativity and the whole teams’ collective output. This is a truly stunning activity which never fails to bring a wonderful sense of achievement to all involved.

Delegates will be transported back to their childhood in this team building event inspired by the television series of the same name. The teams must work together to create the most realistic replica vehicle: points will be awarded for design when the teams present their vehicles to the other teams during the parade before the racing takes place. Races will start Le Mans style with the first driver, who will be dressed in the style of their wacky racers driver, running to their car to start the race as quickly as possible. Changes of drivers will occur after every lap as the teams compete to finish the race in the fastest time possible to earn maximum points. Points will also be awarded following the race based on how well the designs held up during the race with scores totalled, the results are announced! Wacky Races is a great fun team building event, fast paced and with an exciting finale. From the start, each team is encouraged to communicate, work together and tap into their artistic flair.

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