Alpacas Windermere

Alpaca Walking Windermere

Wreay Skye Alpacas came about by chance when the owners of a 5-acre fruit and vegetable allotment discovered they needed a way of protecting their chickens. When alpacas were suggested as the ideal guards, it turned out they were also great at keeping the grass trimmed. The first five alpacas turned out to be quirky, inquisitive, wonderful creatures and the team, now 15 strong, has proved to be even more versatile. Read about their work in the community as TheraPacas here.

If you’re looking for a walk from a completely new perspective, Alpaca trekking is a unique way of enjoying the countryside - with an alpaca by your side! You’ll walk over The Helm to the south of Kendal, taking in 360-degree panoramic views of the Lake District peaks, the Yorkshire fells, Morecambe Bay and Kendal. Walks take place on Saturday and Sunday mornings and need to be arranged in advance. It’s a moderately challenging hour and a half – or maybe nearer two, depending on how your alpaca guides are feeling – and the trek is available to book from February to the end of November.

Alpaca Trekking

If you’re more interested in the alpacas than the walk, you can join a Meet and Greet session. You’ll spend about an hour interacting with the alpacas in their own territory - great for children who will love discovering their various personalities and giving them treats. Again, you’ll need to book for these sessions.

Wreay Skye Alpacas