Vital Health & Wellbeing National Member Challenge

14 April 2022

Having caught the imagination last year with our Vital Duck Challenge made possible by our team at Alveston Manor in Stratford-upon-Avon, we've decided to take our Vital Duck nationwide to all our Vital Health & Wellbeing locations.

Both current members and those that sign-up by the 31st August will be able to purchase a Vital Duck from our leisure reception areas for just £5 and enter this year’s challenge, with all the proceeds donated to local charities in each hotel region across the UK.

With plenty of fantastic prizes to giveaway, we’re challenging our members to submit the best photos of their ducks to our Vital Facebook groups, where winners will be chosen based on ‘Most Creative’, ‘Best View’, ‘Furthest Distance’, ‘Best Event Attended’ and ‘Member’s Favourite’.

As the challenge is already underway, we’re checking in to see what our members and their ducks have been getting up to so far…

Want to take part and not already a member? Find out more about all the fantastic benefits of joining our Vital Health & Wellbeing locations and how we’re much more than just a leisure club.