National Tea Day 2024

18 April 2024
National Tea Day Sunday 21st April

Celebrate National Tea Day with Macdonald Hotels

There's little finer than a good cup of tea.

Drinking tea is almost part of the British national psyche, with a staggering 100 million cups sipped and savoured across the UK every single day.

There's even an annual National Tea Day, founded in 2016, celebrating this beloved beverage. Each April 21st, coinciding with the birthday of Queen Elizabeth II, kettles whistle commemoratively up and down the country as we brew our Assam, Earl Grey, breakfast or builder's - just the way we like it.

At Macdonald Hotels we are proud to serve Birchall Tea. Their award-winning range of high-quality speciality blends delivers true sophistication of flavour while following strong sustainable credentials.

So, this National Tea Day, why not take time to savour our favourite drink in style, as part of a luxurious Afternoon Tea at a Macdonald Hotel? With this tempting British treat available to book at all our hotels up and down the country, perhaps it's time to mark the occasion with a well-deserved touch of finesse.

Pour yourself a cup of your favourite blend and discover what makes Macdonald Afternoon Teas so special.

Our Teas

Why do we serve Birchall Tea? Firstly, their range of teas are renowned for their premium quality and satisfying flavours, sourced from the finest leaves.

Secondly, Birchall is a company steeped in history, dating back to 1872 when it was founded by Captain Birchall Graham.

Inspired by his voyages and his desire to bring the finest things to the United Kingdom, Graham & Company began by trading commodities, eventually shifting focus exclusively to tea.

The company soon became renowned experts in sourcing and blending high-quality teas from around the world.

Tea at Tickled Trout Hotel

Over 150 years later, Birchall Tea continues to thrive as a family-owned business, marrying strong heritage with a keen commitment to sustainability and traceability.

Their blended and single origin black teas are farmed exclusively on lush estates in East Africa, and have been awarded ethical accreditations from both the Fairtrade Association and Rainforest Alliance. 

With tradition also comes innovation - the Birchall factory is the first solar-powered tea factory in the UK, so you can be sure that their outstanding products have been produced in a socially responsible and environmentally conscious way.

So, if you're still wondering why Birchall Tea is the tea for us, it's very simple - it's the best.

Afternoon Tea, New Blossoms


Afternoon Tea was popularised in the 19th Century by Anna, Duchess of Bedford. Finding herself in need of a mid-afternoon pick-me-up, she is said to have summoned a tray of tidbits accompanied by a steaming pot of Darjeeling, and a quintessentially British tradition was born.

We at Macdonald Hotels are extremely keen to preserve this ravishing ritual, which is why we now serve Afternoon Tea at every one of our hotels.

Pull up a chair in one of our elegant dining rooms and satisfy your appetite with delicate finger sandwiches prepared with a selection of scrumptious fillings; buttery and tender freshly-baked scones, still warm from the oven; and an assortment of show-stopping cakes and exquisite fancies crafted by masterful patissiers.

Afternoon Tea at Cardrona

As you may expect, everything is served on towering tiered cake stands, and accompanied by mouthwateringly aromatic pots of the very finest Birchall loose-leaf tea.

If you're in the mood to commemorate National Tea Day with an extra touch of class - or perhaps are celebrating a special occasion of your own - you should add a glass of something sparkling to your Afternoon Tea.

Whether it's crisp Kentish fizz courtesy of Balfour 1503 Brut, or the effervescence of Taittinger Brut or Rosé champagne, our bubbles are bound to elevate the delicate flavours of your tea and delectable treats, and make Afternoon Tea a truly exquisite experience.

So, book your table, raise your glass, and savour the blend of tradition and luxury as you toast to the joy of tea this Sunday 21st April. Cheers to National Tea Day!

Richard with Champagne Tray