Manor House, Elmers Court Hotel & Resort
Manor House, Elmers Court Hotel & Resort


Macdonald Meetings Rewards Eligibility

i) Any meetings and corporate events customers booking direct with our hotels or through selected agents. This can include PAs, event managers, corporate bookers, conference organisers and event agents.

ii) Points cannot be claimed on past events, unless a customer is already registed with our corporate rewards programme. Customers should be signed up for Macdonald Meetings Rewards prior to making a booking.

Macdonald Meetings Rewards Process

i) Once a meeting or event has concluded and the invoice has been paid, customers can request the points be added to their account by submitting a copy of their paid invoice. Corporate room bookings will require an applicable booking reference number for process.

ii) This process allows the finance team to check the event took place successfully and that the invoice has been settled fully before the points are added to the customer's Rewards account.

iii) The Macdonald Meetings Rewards admin team approve the requested points and add them to the customer’s Rewards account for processing of points accrued into the form of a monetary voucher.

iiii) Full details of sign-up, points application process and monetary voucher application process available in our How To Guide

Points Earned

i) Customers earn 1 point for every £4 spent relating to the total invoiceable amount from a meeting, conference, training session, corporate stay or other similar event. 

ii) There is no maximum or minimum spend to receive points.

iii) Example invoiceable amount of £4,000 would therefore see the customer receive 1,000 points upon successful validation of booking and payment.  

iiii) Points can only be claimed once against a booking. Personal leisure stays, spa treatments, food & drink or golf rounds at Macdonald Hotels & Resorts locations outside of a corporate booking are exempt from the points claim process.

Redeeming Points

i) Each point collected by customers is worth £0.10p (or 10 points = £1), which can be converted into monetary vouchers to be spent in Macdonald Hotels & Resorts.

ii) Customers can redeem points by logging into their online account and submitting a voucher redemption form. 

iii) Once approved, the requested Macdonald Meetings Rewards monetary voucher is sent to the email address connected to the customer account. Points application requests can be refused at Macdonald Hotels & Resorts' discretion if appropriate criteria has not been met. 

Spending Points

i) Points converted into vouchers can be spent on the following, with a one year redemption limit:

• Leisure stays in our hotels and resorts
• Breakfasts, lunches, afternoon teas and dinners plus drinks
• Spa treatments, days or breaks
• Rounds of golf or other products in our Golf shop

Previous Corporate Club Members

i) Macdonald Meetings has been refreshed and replaces our previous meetings and events-based loyalty programme, known as the "Club Corporate".

ii) Any outstanding points previously held on an account from the "Club Corporate" will automatically be available in the new Macdonald Meetings Rewards programme once the customer has logged into the new system for the first time.