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Macdonald Manchester Hotel - Temporary Parking and Access Restrictions


Manchester City Council have since updated their guidance on parking near our hotel on the weekends beginning 18th September and 6th November. 

Access will be maintained to Berry St and Buxton Street by allowing vehicles to turn off London Road on to the Mancunian Way slip road (by the Projeks Skatepark) which leads to the bottom end of Baring Street. 

There is usually a 'no entry' when turning off London Road, although this will be covered over to allow access to the street that leads down to Baring Street and towards our hotel car park.

The map below indicates entry from London Road (marked A) in front of our hotel towards entrance to the car park (marked B).

Initial message

Manchester City Council has imposed restrictions affecting roads near our hotel on the following dates:

Saturday 18th September - Sunday 19th September 2021 


Saturday 6th November - Sunday 7th November 2021 

This will impact entry to the hotel car park at the times detailed below:

Saturday from 6am until Sunday 5am

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