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In the event of discovering a fire on any part of the resort do not panic, run or collect belongings. Try to keep calm. 

Manor House & Henry Tudor - Sound the alarm by using the nearest break glass point. Please take time to familiarise yourself with the nearest break glass points when you arrive. 
Holbein, Solent View, Wyatt, Eastways, Court Yard Cottages and West Court Cottages - Please contact reception on extension 0, or contact the fire brigade on 9-999. You must let a member of staff know the fire location. 

  • Please take care when using electrical equipment. Do not leave them on when going out or leaving your apartment or put furniture up against heaters. 
  • Please inform reception if any if your party has hearing difficulties or disabilities
  • Shout fire to alert other residents. 
  • Please make sure all the doors and windows are closed behind where possible. 
  • Remember smoke kills. If the area you are in is filled with smoke, cover your nose and mouth with a damp cloth. If you are unable to exit the effected area go to an unaffected room/ Cover the bottom of the door with towels or bedding, then open the window and shout for help. 

Assembly Point is the bowling green. This can be found next to the outdoor pool. Please follow the commands given by the staff. This will help us to take control and make you as safe as possible. Do not re-enter the effected area until you have been given the all clear from the Fire Marshall that will be wearing fluorescent waistcoat. 

Please note that a fire alarm system check will be held in the Manor House at 12noon on a Friday and the alarms will be heard for a short while. 

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