Linden Hall Exterior

A Hotel Steeped in History

Linden Hall was built in as a family residence in 1812 by merchant, banker and former High Sherriff of Northumberland, Charles William Bigge, but the design and construction were overseen by his close friend Sir Charles Monck, who was elected to Parliament to represent Northumberland in 1812.

Architectural Elegance

Whilst in Parliament, Monck was an ardent champion of Greece’s independence from the Turks and creatively, he was a committed follower of the Greek Revivalist architectural style. This influence is evident in several features at Linden Hall, especially in the grand frontage and elegant columns.

Monck was assisted by a young apprentice, John Dobson, who worked on the detail of the columns, porch and windows. Dobson became successful in his own right and was later known as the main architect of Newcastle’s new town centre, developed in Classical Greek style in the mid-1820s.

Bigge and his family took up residence at Linden Hall in 1813 and you can still see the stone marking the event – carved CB1813 – underneath the staircase in the main hallway.

Linden Hall Staircase

What's in a Name?

In recognition of the incredible creativity and craftsmanship involved, as well as the families who have acted as loyal custodians of Linden Hall over the years, many rooms are named after key individuals. In our Conference Centre you’ll find the Bigge, Adamson, Liddell and Stamfordham Suites and you can enjoy a perfectly mixed drink in the Monck Cocktail Bar, with a sumptuous dinner in the Dobson Restaurant to follow.

If you’re intrigued by the history of Linden Hall and interested in the work of Charles Monck, you can see his former home, Belsay Hall, nearby. Belsay was built at around the same time as Linden and is famous as a forerunner of Greek Revival architecture in England. Although only a shell stands today, illustrating how it was built, there is an exciting conservation project underway to further restore the Hall and replant the gardens. Run by English Heritage, you can visit Belsay Hall and Belsay Castle, which is part of the same estate and only 30 minutes’ drive from the hotel.

Linden Hall in Winter