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Room Service Menu


Crottin goat’s cheese served with mulled wine pears, beetroot and candied walnuts £8.50 (V)

Game terrine with pistachio, fruit chutney, truffle oil mayonnaise and brioche £9.00

Beetroot cured Scottish salmon, wasabi mayonnaise and mini soda bread loaf £11.50 (NCGI, DF)

Blue murder cheese, broccoli and pecan nut salad with chicory and grapes £7.95 (V, NCGI)

Classic Scottish smoked salmon with capers, lemon and pickled shallots £10.00 (NCGI+DF*)

Baked camembert, truffle honey and toasted sourdough £15.00 (V, NCGI*)

Soup of the day £5.00 (V)



10oz Sirloin steak £29 (NCGI, DF)
8oz Rump steak £24 (NCGI, DF)

Add peppercorn sauce or Blue murder cheese sauce (NCGI) £2.00
Served with thick cut chips, Portobello mushrooms and plum tomato

Fillet of sea bass, wilted samphire mussel, borlotti beans and vegetable chowder £19.00 (NCGI*)

Holyrood cheeseburger with brioche bun, Gruyere cheese, pickled red onion, lettuce & tomato £16.50 (NCGI*)
Add bacon £2

King prawn and smoked haddock risotto with saffron, tomato and Parmesan £17.00 (NCGI*)

Classic fish & chips with minted mushy peas, tartar sauce & lemon £18.00 (NCGI*)

Caesar salad with a choice of chicken or hot smoked salmon £16.00 (NCGI Opt)

Balsamic roasted red onion risotto with black onion seeds, Parmesan and rocket £14.50 (V, VG, DF)

Vegan burger with pickled red onion, lettuce tomato and Asian slaw £12.95 (V, VG)



Apple tarte tatin with caramel sauce and dairy ice cream £7.00 (V, NCGI)

Strawberry and raspberry Vacherie £8.50

Warm chocolate fudge brownie with salted caramel ice cream and toffee popcorn £8.00 (V)

Farmhouse cheeses with fruit chutney, quince jelly and Arran oat cake £10.50 (V)

Gluten free & dairy free options available upon request


Guests on a dinner inclusive package have an allowance of £25 per person to spend on dinner. Tray charge may apply.

All our food and drinks have been freshly prepared in our premises where we handle all allergens. If you have a food allergy or intolerance, please speak to your server before you order your meal
or drinks. All prices include VAT

Allergens: Vegetarian (V), Vegan (VG), Non-gluten containing ingredient options available (NCGI), Dairy free (DF)