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Please select your Breakfast and order with Reception

Can be served as room service or breakfast to go option

Please pre-order with Reception by 8pm. It will be delivered to your room the next morning.


English Breakfast tea or coffee  £3

Orange or apple juice  £2

 Please choose one from the below:
Porridge pot, honey & banana  £5

Granola energy bar  £2

Individual exotic fruit salad  £4

Freshly baked croissant  £4
served with individual preserves & butter portions


Cooked Breakfast

 Filled breakfast muffin, w/ sachet of ketchup  £4

Back bacon and fried free-range egg


All our food and drinks have been freshly prepared in our premises where we handle all allergens. If you have a food allergy or intolerance, please speak to your server before you order your meal
or drinks. All prices include VAT