Formula One cars inside Beaulieu National Motor Museum

Beaulieu National Motor Museum

Reachable by car in just 15 minutes from your Elmers Court accommodation, Beaulieu National Motor Museum is a prominent attraction for all car and motor sports enthusiasts, with the inclusion of a wide collection of iconic vintage car collections from the world of TV and film making for a fascinating visit.

Located in the village of Beaulieu, Beaulieu National Motor Museum represents part of an exciting complex of serene grounds and gardens encircling the famous Montagu family home and Palace House.

While visiting the Motor Museum, you may also want to take time out to view the likes of Beaulieu Abbey, featuring preserved medieval ruins with an insightful exhibition on its past, plus a replica of the BBC Top Gear Studio at the World of Top Gear - and an adventure play area entitled ‘Little Beaulieu’.        

World Famous Motoring

Originally founded in 1952 by Edward Douglas-Scott Montagu as a tribute to his father, John, 2nd Baron Montagu, who played a key role in firing up the engines of the UK motor industry and was the first person to drive a motor car into the yard of the Houses of Parliament.

Starting out as a modest tribute consisting of only several cars and memorabilia displayed in the ancestral home, visiting today involves witnessing eye-catching examples of pioneering motor engineering, with over 285 vehicles on display during a daytrip to the museum.

Acting as a visual narrative for motoring and motor sports in the country, spot everything from the earliest examples of motor carriages to the evolution of the family saloon and classic motorcycles.

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang car

What's On Display

F1 fans will want to spend time in Grand Prix Greats, representing a celebration of the adrenaline-fueled world of motor sport and Formula 1, including revered car editions from years gone by from top manufacturers including McLaren and Ferrari.

Other notable exhibitions include Bond in Motion - No Time to Die. Become fully immersed in the world of everyone’s favourite government spy, with a wide range of cars, gadgets and costumes from his latest cinematic outing on show.          

For Britain and For The Hell Of It sees you find out more about some of the triumphs and tribulations of those who have attempted to break the British Land Speed record via an inspiring, multimedia film reel. 

Want to take it back to the golden age of luxury motoring? Learn more about the glittering stories of previous owners, chauffeurs, designers and mechanics who can proudly lay claim to having been involved with some of the world’s most famous cars through the ages.

Stunt Car from Quantum Of Solace

Our Hotel Near Beaulieu Motor Museum

Less than 15 minutes’ drive from Beaulieu National Motor Museum, Elmers Court Hotel & Resort stands overlooking The Solent. With a superb spa, an indoor and outdoor pool as well as extensive gardens and great restaurants, guests staying in either the hotel rooms or self-catering accommodation can enjoy a relaxed stay when visiting the museum.

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