Marlow Weir

Things To Do in Marlow

When you fancy a change of scenery, you can stretch your legs very pleasantly along the river and its surrounds.

Marlow is well known as a hub for innovative, creative cuisine and the lively town is full of character, but if you want to explore further, the surrounding countryside is beautiful and well worth discovering, with the river a relaxed mode of transport as well as a picturesque backdrop.

Marlow Bridge

Located just outside the hotel is the stunning Marlow Bridge rebuilt in the 19th century by engineer William Tierney Clark and remains as one of only two of his structures still in full operation today. Originally, a wooden crossing dating back to 1227, the Marlow Bridge has been a prominent feature of tourist and wedding photos alike.

Once across, the bustling town is fun to explore and full of little cafes and boutiques. From the hotel, it’s a short walk to Higginson Park, a Green Flag park where you can admire beautiful trees, expansive lawns and meticulously planted flowerbeds and from its river frontage, pick up boat cruises to Windsor and Henley.

Bridge on Marlow Weir, Compleat Angler

Marlow Lock & the Thames Path

Heading in the other direction, you can walk to Marlow Lock in 10 minutes, with the route taking you past All Saints church, a striking local landmark. Rebuilt in 1927, the Marlow Lock was first constructed in 1773 as a timber pound.

The Thames Path runs for 184 miles, but you can walk short stretches through a bucolic landscape, with wildflower meadows, grazing livestock, tiny villages and river islands offering up quintessential English charm. For the story of the River Thames and 20,000 rowing exhibits plus sections on children’s classic The Wind in the Willows and the British artist John Piper, visit the River and Rowing Museum, a 20-minute drive from the hotel.

Marlow Lock

Boat Trips

The river plays such a prominent role in Marlow it’s almost impossible to resist spending time on it – and it couldn’t be easier from the Compleat Angler where you can pick up a boat from the private dock and choose from several options. These include self-hire, a skippered outing with a captain on board, a pleasant turn around the small stretch of river at Marlow and longer day trips to Windsor.

Boat Trips