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Walton Bar & Lounge

A comfortable haven of relaxation

Walton Lounge

Our freshly revamped Walton Bar & Lounge, names after Issak Walton who wrote the famous book "The Compleat Angler".  The Walton Bar & Lounge is a comfortable haven of relaxation serving delicious fresh food, and was once a favourite of T.S. Eliot and F. Scott Fitzgerald in days gone by.

The Walton Bar & Lounge offers a superb range of drinks in an authentic period setting. Revel in the atmosphere that comes with 400 years of history in this oak-panelled room with its enticing alcoves; it offers a stylish and enjoyable combination of history and impeccable service that you're sure to love.

Cocktails on the bar

Walton Bar & Lounge

Marlow Bridge

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