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What do you get when you mix the very finest locally sourced beef, the freshest of ingredients and top call Macdonald Hotels chefs?  Only the best burgers which reflect the style and personality of each of our restaurants.

From our Scottish Steakhouse and Acanthus to our new Surf and Turf restaurants, each of our burgers pack all the classic flavours combined with our restaurants unique personalities.

All our beef is 'the best of the best' scotch beef, locally sourced and cooked to perfection.  Why not try it with our Scottish Steakhouse sauce, a unique blend of ingredients that will send your tastebuds wild.

Scottish Steakhouse

Experience the best of Scottish Beef with the burgers from the Scottish Steakhouse.  We've sourced the finest blend of Scottish prime beef which is combined with a subtle blend of herbs and spices to give you the perfect burger.


Enjoy our delicious Acanthus Burger - a hand pressed prime Scottish beef burger, served on a deluxe brioche bun and thin cut chips


Using only the finest, locally sourced ingredients the burgers at Surf & Turf combine aioli, tomato, lettuce hearts & gherkin and served with french fries this menu classic packs a flavour punch.

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