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Visit one of the world’s most iconic historic sites - Stonehenge.

Just an hour’s drive from the hotel, you’ll find the unmissable Stonehenge. One of the very first UK sites to be included in the UNESCO World Heritage list, Stonehenge is the only surviving lintelled stone structure in the world.

Dating from the Neolithic period - the final era of the Stone Age before the dawn of the Bronze Age - the stones were brought together from various locations, some as far away as the Preseli Hills in Wales. Stonehenge actually forms part of an ancient landscape of early Neolithic, late Neolithic and early Bronze Age monuments, which contains more than 350 burial mounds and prehistoric monuments.

Many different theories surround original purpose of the stone circle, but the general consensus is that it was built as a prehistoric temple, aligned with the movements of the sun. In this spirit, thousands head to Stonehenge during the early hours of June 21st, the longest day of the year, to experience being inside the stone circle and to celebrate the history of the stones at the summer Solstice. As the sun rises behind the Heel Stone, its rays are directed into the centre of the monument - as they have been for thousands of years - for a moment of pure drama!

For more information about Stonehenge, visit the English Heritage site here