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Lion at Longleat
Lion at Longleat


You’re just 30 minutes away from a real-life safari.

Pack the family into the car and keep them there! You’re heading for a Safari Drive-Through at Longleat Safari Park, home to some of the biggest names on the wildlife stage.

Look out for the big cat tribe - lions, tigers, cheetahs - and the herd of southern white rhinos, sometimes known collectively as a ‘crash’. Meet rescue elephant, Annie, and brace yourself for the Monkey Drive-Through where you’ll encounter the resident troupe of rhesus macaques monkeys. Their specialist trick - removing loose-fitting car parts - is all part of the show!

You can choose to meet a whole host of animals at Longleat - from giant otters and crocodiles in swampy Jungle Kingdom to cute koalas residing in their own creek. Take a Jungle Cruise, escorted by Californian sea lions, look out for three lowland gorillas sitting pretty on their exclusive island - Gorilla Colony. If you’ve got the nerve to stroke a snake or touch a tarantula, head into the Animal Handling Hall - and for younger visitors, the Family Farmyard is the perfect place to pet some friendly characters.