Gin Bath Spa
Gin Bath Spa

Discover Bath Gin

Don’t miss the chance to taste and tour with our local artisan gin distillers.

The Bath Gin company was established in 2013. After much hard graft and following all the required procedures, they proudly established themselves as the first gin distillery in Bath for over 250 years. Specialising in small batch, hand-crafted, premium spirits, their trademark gin is the Bath Gin Distillery Classic, distilled using eleven of the finest botanicals from across the world, including bitter orange, kaffir lime leaf and English coriander. It’s a light, aromatic and balanced gin.

Other favourites from the Bath Gin Company are Hopped Rhubarb and Orange Sloe Gin, both infusions of the classic gin, and new concoctions are constantly being developed by their talented distillers.

If you’d like to find out more about the history of gin, the distilling process from start to finish and most importantly, taste the gin where it’s made, book onto a tour with the Bath Gin Company team. The tour starts with - yes, a Bath Gin & tonic - at the Canary Gin Bar before a short walk to the distillery on Monmouth Place. You’ll find more details here.

You can, of course, stay with the theme and enjoy a perfectly mixed Bath Gin & tonic in our Colonnade Bar, here at the Bath Spa Hotel.