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Membership of our Vital Health and Wellbeing Clubs certainly has its benefits, lasting ones. You'll have access to the facilities at any of our Macdonald Hotels where pools, technogyms, spas and expert advice await.

Membership includes a personal trainer, full health screening and advice on lifestyle, nutrition and weight management. We're all about personalised programmes that will really work to keep you healthy, fit and raring to go. Our membership packages are equally tailored, like off-peak options for couples and families.

With our current £2.5 million gym investment over sixteen of our clubs there's no better time to join. Our new state of the art gym's offer top of the range Life Fitness equipment, all connected to the internet and offering the latest technologies.

All the machines have an easy start up screen and offer everything from a traditional viewing screen to an interactive live filmed walk, run or cycle route from a selection of around the world livescape courses!

Regardless of whether you want to lose weight, tone up, feel fit, or simply look great, our highly supportive team is on hand to offer guidance, support and advice.


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