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FITECH Health & Fitness Assessment

Macdonald Spa Hotels across the UK are delighted to be able to offer our members and guests Vital Health & Wellbeing Checks from FITECH.  This handy wellness tool allows you to review your lifestyle choices and learn how small changes to both diet and exercise can lead to big results.

During your one-on-one consultation, our expert teams will cover such areas as stress, nutrition, drinking habits, smoking activity levels along with your current health status, wellness goals and motivation.  The physical aspect of this check goes through blood pressure, resting heart rate, body mass index (BMI), body fat percentage, peak flow lung function, flexibility and aerobic fitness.  Although there is a lot to cover, our friendly teams aim to make your experience as helpful as possible while of course providing guidance and support where needed.

Once all this information is gathered, it's transformed into an easy to follow report which follows a traffic light sytem (Green = good, Amber = need for improvement and Red = below average) to help easily identify where work needs to be done.  Our teams will then be on hand to give advice on how to make these changes taking your commitments into consideration.  Your support doesn't stop there, with updates at both 12-weeks and six months to check on your progress and discuss ways of overcoming any challenges.

To book your own FITECH health and fitness assessment please contact your leisure club reception.