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Macdonald Hotels in Cambridgeshire

About Our Macdonald Hotel in Cambridgeshire

Cambridgeshire is a small county, situated at the very nucleus of the English countryside amidst lulling waterways and beautiful rolling country hills. Cambridgeshire really is a haven of historical architecture and majestic beauty. If you're one for wandering ancient cobbled streets or roaming thick, wild woodlands - then you'll really feel at home in Cambridgeshire. Macdonald Haycock Hotel is a unique and charming spot, away from the strains and struggles of the city.

Enjoy a wide variety of culture, with galleries, museums and cathedrals aplenty. And if you're brave enough, Cambridgeshire is well known for its ghoulish goings on; so gather up your courage and take yourself along on one of the many ghost tours the county has to offer!

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