Hotels in Birmingham

Staff at Macdonald Burlington Hotel in Birmingham are stepping into Dave 'Blind Dave' Heeley's shoes as they start training for a 10k run, blindfolded.

Regional Managing Director Derek McDonough and Macdonald Burlington Hotel Manager James Bee are taking on the Great Birmingham 10k Run on 1st May while blindfolded alongside Blind Dave to raise awareness and funds for Queen Alexandra College (QAC) for the blind.

Dave Heeley has undertaken countless gruelling challenges over the years. He is the first blind person in the world to have completed the ultimate endurance challenge of seven marathons in seven days on seven continents. The father of three lost his sight at the age of seventeen and uses his experience and determination to motivate and inspire others.

Blind Dave said "The hardest part for Derek and James will be the training, running around the streets in Birmingham while they are being guided will require instructions to navigate ramps, steps, rough terrain etc. whereas during the run there will be hardly any change under foot.

Macdonald Burlington Hotel Manager James Bee said: "We are really pleased to be taking part in the 10k and raising funds for those with disabilities in Birmingham and across the UK.  Not only will this push us to get fit but it will give both of us a small insight into what life is like for Dave. It was a real pleasure to meet Dave, he is an inspirational character, and we were happy to play a small part in this awesome challenge."

QAC Fundraising and Grants Manager Sarah Caldwell said; "For a short while Derek and James will get to experience what it is like to be in Dave's shoes and experience for themselves what it is like for him, and others who are blind, to do something we normally take for granted. For us, events like this are about raising awareness as well as funds for our cause."

For more information about QAC visit and to sponsor the pair, visit the fundraising page.