Hotels near Windsor

Macdonald Windsor Hotel has been crowned winner of a Greener Path Award for Zero Waste to Landfill. 

The four-red star hotel, which also boasts its very own honey bee hive on a rooftop overlooking the Royal residence, was given the award by leading environmental waste management company, ACM Environmental PLC.

In association with the British Council for Sustainable Development, the Greener Path Awards were created to celebrate the work businesses across the UK are doing in reducing the impact they have on the environment. Organisations which demonstrate exemplary effort and achievement in minimizing waste, boosting recycling and increasing landfill diversion, while seeking out innovative and sustainable ways to handle waste streams, are potential candidates.

The Macdonald Hotel Group has a firm commitment to becoming one of the greenest hospitality companies, through its Room 15 programme. Already, this has seen the business invest in a wide range of greener practices - from changing lightbulbs across all its 48 hotels to the most energy efficient varieties, to installing glass crushers on site.

Macdonald Windsor Hotel is one of the group's leading green hotels and boasts four "green" rooms which showcase commitment to sustainability by using a wide range of eco-friendly products such as a solar powered iPod dock, recycled glasses and even elephant dung paper for the notepad in the room.

By working in partnership with ACM Environmental, Macdonald Windsor Hotel has fully optimized the diversion of waste from landfill in 2015 and have demonstrated clear further commitment towards the goal of 'Zero Landfill'.

On winning the award, Paola Cassotti, general manager of Macdonald Windsor Hotel said: "The team at Macdonald Windsor has always been keen to be green. For more than 2 years we have had our very own beehive on the roof. It not only provides a safe haven for the city's bees, but also produces beautiful tasting honey for our guests. As a team, customer satisfaction is our number one priority. However, we have shown that this can be delivered whilst thinking of the environmental impact of our day to day activities. It has been this type of consideration that has helped us secure this award."

The hotel has a range of other green practices to benefit both staff and guests, including a roof top herb garden, an electric car charging station and bike racks to encourage staff to cycle to work.

In 2013 Macdonald Hotels & Resorts was awarded the coveted Carbon Trust Standard as a result of its outstanding reduction carbon programme which saw the Group reduce its UK CO2 emissions by 7.5%.

Julie Hammond, regional managing director of Macdonald Hotels added: "Macdonald Hotels have been investing heavily in ensuring that we are as green as possible without compromising on customer quality. Increasingly consumers are considering their environmental footprint when they travel and we want to help them feel as comfortable as possible, both during their stay with Macdonald Hotels, but also in the knowledge that we are doing what we can to help the environment."

Andy Jacobs, Chief Executive of ACM Environmental added: "We are delighted that Macdonald Windsor Hotel is a recipient of the Zero Waste to Landfill Award. We have worked in partnership with them to help implement an environmentally-sound waste management strategy and to see them achieve such impressive landfill diversion results is extremely gratifying."

Macdonald Windsor Hotel has a strong history of green credentials and has also been awarded the Business Tourism Gold Green Award 2014 and was a runner up for the Green Catey Award (2013).