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In a city where 'burger' seems to be the word on every hungry diner's lips, the four-star Macdonald Manchester Hotel & Spa aims to celebrate British Food Fortnight with the creation of the ultimate 'Manchester Burger' to tantalise the tastebuds of the city.

 The 'Manchester Burger' aims to truly represent the area through a mouth-watering combination of local ingredients that will complement the hotels' Scottish Steak Club restaurant's finest prime beef patties and give Mancunians a taste of tradition.

Featuring a home made 'Boddingtons sauce' with hints of crumbled famous Bury black pudding, the burger aims to encapsulate the flavours of Manchester's brewing history. Complementing the 'Boddies' tang will be Britain's oldest known Cheshire cheese, said to have acquired its crumbly, nutty flavour from the area's salt marshes. Sandwiched inside a specially made brioche bun.

The delicious creation will be a limited edition on the Scottish Steak Club menu at Macdonald Manchester Hotel & Spa, available for two weeks only during British Food Fortnight.

Macdonald Manchester Hotel & Spa benefits from a uniquely renovated first floor Scottish Steak Club restaurant with stunning views across the city. The open-plan live kitchen allows guests to watch the chefs in action and relax in the new surroundings.

The restaurant has also installed an aging fridge for guests to view the quality steaks on offer, as the finest cuts of Scottish, US and Argentinian beef complete the aging process for up to 35 days in the restaurant, making them more tender.

Paul Bayliss MBE, general manager at Macdonald Manchester Hotel & Spa, is the chair of The Manchester Hotelier's Association. He said: "Burgers have become incredibly popular in the Manchester area, so what better way to celebrate British Food Fortnight than to get involved and create the ultimate 'Manchester Burger' that offers our guests a unique twist with a combination of remarkable local flavours?

"Manchester is famous for its breweries and there's no better way to capture this tradition than with a Boddingtons kick for the burger sauce. We've mixed the subtlety of ale flavours with hints of Bury's famous black pudding to create a rich topping, while the crumbly texture of the Cheshire cheese complements our prime beef burgers perfectly.

"We pride ourselves on offering our guests only the highest quality food in one of Manchester's best restaurants and the 'Manchester Burger' will be a mouth-watering addition to our menu for British Food Fortnight."

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