Macdonald Manchester Hotel & Spa's newly appointed 6ft6 doorman will be turning tour guide this summer, revealing Manchester's first Best Kept Secrets tour.

The new addition to the hotel, Conan Burke, has noticed a surge in interest from business guests looking to discover the hidden delights of Manchester and asking for advice on how best to experience the heritage and history of the city.

This trend was highlighted in a recent Visit Britain report, revealing that business travellers want to make the most of being on the road and feel that having a 'sense of place' is important to them.

Responding to this demand and using his insider knowledge of the city, the larger than life doorman will now go above and beyond by greeting guests at the door with an 'unknown fact of the day' about Manchester, and creating bespoke itineraries to help guests get the most out of their visit to the city.

Conan will encourage guests to visit Piccadilly Records on Oldham Street, a Manchester institution which has become one of the city's most loved, independent record shops based in a city known for its influence on the UK music scene.

Next on the doorman turned tour guide's circuit is St Mary's church. Nestled between Lincoln Square and John Dalton Street the church is known for the beauty of its architecture and modern art paintings.

One of Conan's personal favourite spots is Chetham's Library, the oldest public library in England, dating back to 1653. Located in the city centre, the medieval building is also home to Chetham's school of Music. 

As a final stop, Conan will encourage guests to experience The Peveril of the Peak, a traditional British pub serving real ales.

Conan said: "The tour includes some of my favourite places in the city. I'm constantly being asked by guests about interesting places to see, so it's fantastic to give guests the inside story to Manchester's best kept secrets.

"The city has some fascinating history and Macdonald Manchester Hotel & Spa is certainly a landmark which is part of this. As well as making people feel welcome when they arrive at the hotel, I also want to give them an insight into Manchester's rich heritage, even if they are only here briefly on business. It's a great way to make guests feel at home."

Paul Bayliss, MBE, general manager of Macdonald Manchester Hotel & Spa, added: "Business guests want to experience the place they are visiting as much as our leisure guests and the introduction of Conan's tour will benefit these visitors to the city, so they can better understand and enjoy places that are so very important to us.

"Conan is a great addition to our hotel and a proud ambassador for the city. We're delighted to have him not only welcoming guests to the hotel but also to the best places in Manchester."

The hotel is situated just three minutes' walk from Manchester Piccadilly Station.  It is the one of the largest four-star hotels in Manchester and combines 338 beautiful bedrooms with state of the art conferencing, an indulgent urban spa and first class bar and Scottish Steak Club restaurant.

Conan's Top Facts

  1. Manchester was previously known as SELNEC, taken from the initials of "South East Lancashire North East Cheshire"
  2. More people live in Greater Manchester than live in Kosovo or Johannesburg
  3. Manchester is the 2nd most visited city in England, after London
  4. Last year,  Football brought in around £330 million worth of economic benefit to the area
  5. On average, more than 1mm of rain falls in Manchester on 143 days a year
  6. The city houses Chetham's Library, the first free public library in Britain
  7. Manchester Viaduct uses 11 million bricks. If you laid them all out, end to end, the line of bricks would stretch from Manchester to Madrid and back. 
  8. Manchester is the only place in the world where you can obtain a degree in 'Mummy Studies' - the University of Manchester has facilities to enable the study of ancient Egyptian mummies.
  9. Central Manchester has been inhabited since the Romans built a fort Mamucium here in AD79.
  10. Manchester became a city in 1853 and was the world's first industrial city.