Hotel in Oxford

Hailed as one of the highlights in Oxford's calendar, the Cowley Road Carnival offers tourists the perfect reason to head off on a short break to this cultural city and discover what it has to offer. There's so much happening at this excellent July event that you may end up wondering how you're going to squeeze it all in. On the 2nd of July there is the Fiesta in the Park, a fundraising musical concert where attendees buy tickets that will go towards funding the Cowley Road Carnival itself, which begins the next day. At the Fiesta, you can expect to see top acts such as Roots Manuva, Brassroots, Kanda Bongo Man and DJ Count Skylarkin as well as much more.

As for the proper Cowley Road Carnival, the 3rd of the July is the day to be in Oxford - as well as the twenty thousand other visitors who will be in attendance with you, meaning you know it's going to be a great day! Taking place on Cowley Road and in South Park, the festival runs from ten in the morning until eight at night - and it's all free. And there's so much happening that you might find yourself spending the entire day there and loving every minute! There'll be plenty of excellent live music of all styles, from rock and roll to jazz and blues, young performers wowing crowds with their impressive talents, a Magnificent Machines Parade, where carnival guests are encouraged to make a human-driven machine beforehand - the wackiest, craziest contraption they can come up with - and join the parade to show off their inventions to others. This parade will also be led by Sol Samba and Horns of Plenty, so excellent music will be joining the procession.

A Big Dance Stage will make room for everybody to get up and enjoy themselves during the copious performances of live music, and another Carnival procession, this time made up by the students of fifteen schools, will take place in the park at 3pm and include the appearance of a Chinese dragon! This latter event in particular will be ideal for families, as the sight of a majestic and mysterious Chinese dragon is always an amazing experience for young children and adults alike.

If you're interested in attending the popular Cowley Road Carnival, Oxford hotels can be booked in advance to ensure you've got a place to base your stay - meaning all you have to think about is getting out there and having fun!