What's On in Manchester

If you've ever fancied taking a short break to Manchester but just never felt like you've had a good enough reason, your search is over. The Manchester International Festival is an opportunity too good to be missed: with countless acts and performances taking place all over the city, it truly is the perfect reason to finally book that hotel!

The Manchester International Festival is one of the biggest events to take place in Manchester each year, and with good reason. As a celebration of the arts, the Manchester International Festival attracts artists and their fans to the city to put on and enjoy shows in much the same way that the Edinburgh Festival International Festival Fringe does. That means it's all artist-driven, where only performers that want to perform during the event will sign up to do it. For attendees, this means that you can be sure the artists you see will be there because they've made the effort to come and put on a great show instead of being made to do it as a part of their job. Anybody who has seen a show that has been put on through the artist's own effort will undoubtedly agree that there is a big difference between a show like this and any other there is a special effort put in and the show has far more 'heat' than it would be if the artist was simply scheduled to perform there.

During this fantastic celebration, which takes place from the 30th June until the 17th July, visitors to Manchester can expect to find them immersed in a festival atmosphere all over the city, where celebration of the art is taking place all around. From impromptu street performances to free scheduled shows, it's ideal
for those who want to see some quality performances without breaking the bank and for families hoping for a trip that will make it easy to keep everybody entertained.

Best of all, there's something for everyone. Whatever you like best, you'll be able to find music, from rock to orchestral, as well as all kinds of dance, theatre, musicals, drama, art exhibitions, and comedy- both theatrical and stand up, and far more. The Manchester International Festival is truly a wonderful event that is perfect for families, couples or groups of friends - so if you want to enjoy this year's celebrations, it's best to get booking those tickets and Manchester hotels so you can be sure you won't miss a single moment!