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The Chester Summer Music Festival is a fantastic celebration of music, with a focus on music which is quite unusual for music festival. However, that can definitely be a good thing. Anybody who's a fan of fabulous singers and solo groups is bound to find something they'll love at this energetic and welcoming festival, from choirs to quartets, and opera vocals to be blue stars. In fact there'll be all of that and more at this summer treat. Cabaret will be covered by the mesmerising Claire Martin and Richard Rodney Bennett, there will be Eastern European folk songs, the King's Singers are set to stun with majestic vocal work, jazz artist Stefano Bollani is ready to wow crowds, and masterpieces for choral singers will abound.

And although there are plenty of non-British acts and musicians, the focus will also be on British music, making it a wonderful cultural experience for anybody wishing to learn more about the different styles of music grown in their very own home.

Last year's festival was complete success. It was total sell out, with thousands of people arriving in Chester to enjoy the plentiful offerings of live performances, and stating to be even bigger and better, and you can be sure if you visit Chester during the festival dates of 1st to the 16th of July you will find yourself surrounded by plenty of other music lovers as well as you favourite performing acts. The 2011 Chester Summer Music Festival also promises to be special as it has a special theme running alongside its vocal - strings. In particular, the attention will be cast on the violin, one of the most versatile instruments ever made, which is lauded for its ability to make you jump to your feet and dance as well as bring heartbreak to the soul with just a few emotionally-charged notes.

So if you are a big fan of music and would love to see what a festival with a difference is like, the Chester Summer Music Festival is the perfect choice for you. Don't forget that many performances will be ether free or at a very low fee, so even if you're planning on booking hotels in Chester on a budget, you won't have to worry imparting too much once you arrive. This particular festival aims to accommodate all, and you can be sure that you'll feel nothing but welcome from the moment you arrive.