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Ingredients & Suppliers

It is our dedication to serving only the highest quality food that makes us different.


  • Grass fed Scotch beef matured for a minimum of 21 days
  • Outdoor reared & regionally sourced British pork
  • Free range chickens reared with care for greater quality meat
  • Finest fresh wild fish caught from sustainable sources
  • Free range eggs from chickens reared to the highest standards
  • Fresh milk sources & supplied from Yew Tree Dairy
  • Fresh produce and only the finest whole raw ingredients
  • Specially selected & award winning wines

Fresh Produce

Where many other hotels are de-skilling and buying ingredients pre-cooked or prepared from frozen, we believe in using only the finest and freshest produce in our hotels. Our chefs work from whole raw ingredients, do not overly prepare and plan our menus by the season to ensure wherever possible UK produce comes first.

Scotch Beef

The beef served in Macdonald Hotels is the best in the UK. Sourced from the Scottish mainland and islands, our beef comes from fully accredited Scottish Farms and supplied to us by Scotbeef, suppliers to the highest quality retailers in the country. The beef is then traditionally aged for a minimum of 21 days and hand cut by highly skilled butchers using time honoured techniques.

British Pork

Much of the pork sourced in the UK comes from the EU with varying quality due to the make up of feed and the conditions in which it is reared. The only pork we buy is produced to the British Meat Quality Standard, outdoor reared and regionally sourced.

Free Range Chicken

The chickens we source are free range, ensuring that they have been reared with care and free to roam around which leads to a greater quality and texture of meat.

Fresh Fish

We only use the finest wild white fish, caught from sustainable sources around the UK and delivered fresh every day to our hotels.

Fresh ingredients at Macdonald Hotels & Resorts

Traditionally Smoked Fish

There are many ranging qualities of smoked fish; many are not even smoked just soaked in flavourings. Our fish is cured by John Ross Jr (Aberdeen) and smoked in truly traditional 150 year old red-brick kilns, awarded "Gold by the Guild of Fine Foods", and a proud holder of the Royal Warrant, supplier to H.M. The Queen.

Free Range Eggs

Macdonald Hotels only buy and source British free range eggs that also carry the Lion Quality mark. This mark can only be used on eggs which have been produced in accordance with UK and EU law and the Lion Quality Code of Practice. It ensures the eggs we use have been produced to the highest standards of food safety.

Fresh Milk

Many hotels use dehydrated milk which is imported to save on cost. We only use fresh milk, sourced and supplied by Yew Tree Dairy who collect from family farms in South West Scotland, Cumbria, Lancashire and West Yorkshire.